BMC Technologies

BMC makes bikes, pure and simple. Bikes that give you the ultimate ride experience.

Whether for road, track, or trail, professional athlete or weekend warrior, it is our mission to produce the best bike in every class. We conduct our own research and development in-house at the BMC Impec Lab in Switzerland, and we use the findings to create unique, cutting edge, proprietary cycling technologies that continue to be what make BMC bikes stand out from the crowd.

BMC engineers utilize powerful simulation supercomputers, CNC machinery, cutting-edge carbon fibre supplies, and the technical knowledge to bring innovative bike concepts to reality. The technical resources and engineering capabilities of the Impec Lab produce the perfect rides for every terrain.


The Integrated Cockpit System technology corresponds to a proprietary system that provides stealth cable routing from handlebar to rear axle without compromising fit, adjustability and practicality.

A leading solution and bike industry first, ICS technology combines form and function for the most advanced cockpit design in the market, enabling us to set new standards in frame design.

 Vmax= P2P× subA

Vmax – Maximum velocity The maximum rate at which someone or something is able to move or operate.

P2P – Position-to-Perform Providing riders with cockpit adjustability for creating sustainable aerodynamic positions.

subA – Integrated aerodynamics system Leading to optimum performance in any wind condition.

Optimised aero designs and cable-component integration are key ingredients in making a bike aerodynamic, while the adjustability of bars, pads and saddle positions ensure that you maintain your position for the complete duration of your race.

Between a cyclist and his fastest time trial lies one fierce opponent – air.

Every cyclist fights it, since drag increases with the square of speed. It is the primordial reason behind the never ending battle of riders and bike engineers trying to cheat mother nature. But we found a way:

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